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West River Radio Club

"Push-to-Talk" Page


How about being an Elmer?   Do you like to help others?  Do you know some "special" trick of making things work?  The West River Radio Club is looking for you to become an Elmer to help others with this great hobby we all love and enjoy.  If you would like to become a member of the WRRC Elmer Committee, please contact Darrel, K1KU or any of the Board of Directors.  Helping one another to work out radio, antenna, or setup problems is something we can do to be stronger group to assist others become better!

Have you seen the latest issue of the Digital Dispatch?  The Digital Dispatch is the Official West River Radio Clubs news letter.  We are seeking your input.  Please consider writing a small article for the Digital Dispatch on a special interest you have in Amateur Radio to share with others.  Your input would be a valuable asset to this hobby we all enjoy.  Contact Darrel Daley, K1KU to submit an article or more.

Looking for a Repeater?  Try one from this listing!

Transmit   146.865 PL 100.0
Receive    146.285 PL 100.0

Newfane Hill:

Transmit   147.090 PL 100.0
Receive    147.690 PL 100.0 and 110.9
Transmit   444.700 PL 110.9
Receive    449.700 PL 110.9
Links full time to Killington and the UHF network (NFMRA)
Alstead:              Needs survey for coverage
Transmit   147.690 PL 100.0 from
Receive    449.750 PL 110.9
Transmit   444.750 PL 110.9 from
Receive    147.090 PL 100.0
Athens:   (can be moved to new location)  Limited - Grassy Brook Road valley
Transmit   147.690 PL 100.0 from
Receive    440.775 PL 110.9
Transmit   445.775 PL 110.9 from
Receive    147.090 PL 100.0
Transmit    53.210 PL 110.9  experimental at present. Will  be first from
Receive    147.090 PL 100.0  later from 444.700, 444.750, 444.850 and 445.775
Transmit   147.690 PL 100.0 from
Receive    449.850 PL 110.9
Transmit   444.850 PL 110.9 from
Receive    147.090 PL 100.0


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