Getting Started with the WR1VT DMR System!



Welcome to the world of Amateur Radio and Digital Mobile Radio! With your purchase of a MD-380 DMR system, this will get you going and building blocks to help you understand the DMR technology. As always, we ask that you share your experiences, knowledge and other aspects of this growing mode of operation.


Did you know that the West River Radio Club built and deployed the First Operational DMR repeater in the State of Vermont? We were officially on the air as of 0920 hrs on 20-AUG-2015. The first contact was made on WR1VT 444.400 MHz digital via a QSO with Bill Barber, N1EB, from Cape Cod. Audio quality was outstanding. This also was the first DMR QSO from a VT repeater!


Pico Peak was number 2 and Mt. Ascutney was number 3. We are proud to see that the South East corner of the state has the honors of being the first groups to lead the way for DMR in Vermont. A great job of collaboration and planning was done by all. Job well done!


So how do you get started? Lets walk through the process.



Get to know what DMR is and how to operate in the DMR world


There is plenty of great information to review on the DMR-MARC website. Please review this information before you begin to operate your rig. There site is located at


Here is another site that peaked one of our members attention for DMR operations. Check it out!



Get your DMR User ID


This ID is your digital name on the DMR Network. To get your ID number, click on this link.


Read the page and click on the Blue User registration at the bottom


Fill out the form with your information as indicated. Please note that your Home Repeater Callsign is WR1VT


An email will be returned to you with your new DMR Digital ID. This number will be needed for programming your radio to work on the network. If you plan on purchasing a hand held unit and a mobil unit, sign up for two (2) IDs. You can do this at any time. List one as Portable and the other as Mobile.


While you are waiting for your DMR ID(s), look at the website and learn moe about the DMR operations. There is a vast amoount of knowledge here.


Youve got mail!


Wow, the needed email has arrived!!


So now that you have your DMR User ID, what do I do next? Get EXCITED!!!


MD-380 CPS (Code Plug) Programming Software

Install the Programming software provided with your programming cable. If you do not have a CD ROM Drive, you can get the software here. MD380.htm


Then you need to get the Code Plug which is located here (Download it to someplace you can get to it!!).

From our friends at WRRC


Ira Wilner - W1IRA has supplied the following Code Plugs for you to try.

Bratt Ascut Pico Keene Mt Snow NY NJ Roam (MD-380)

WRRC HT DMR Code Plug V3 (MD-380)

WRRC Mobile Code Plug V5a (CS-800)

1)       Scanning may now be invoked from any memory channel except the tactical channels.

2)       Scanning for the analog zone channels has been enabled.

3)       I changed the front panel control features as follows:  Up Down buttons are now volume, rotary encoder is now channel up/down and it still functions as the menu scroll when you press it to invoke the menus.

From our friends at CVFMA, some more Code Plugs to try.

CS750 WRRC Rev 1b.rdb NEW 31-OCT-2015

CS800 WRRC Rev 1b.rdb NEW 31-OCT-2015

MD380 WRRC Rev 1.rdt


Go ahead and build your own Code Plug! We encourrage you to learn all aspects of your radio because you might need to build one for a vacation destination, your winter home, or wherever.


(NOTE: If you have a Code Plug that you would like to share, please email it to with some feature list, and we will post it here!)


Launch the application and open the Code Plug which you downloaded.


Select General Settings and enter your call sign and DMR User ID in the indicated boxes.


Enter your registered

DMR User ID # here


Enter your call sign here



Then Select the Digital Contacts from the list and add in your information.

Click on the Add button and enter in your information.

Contact Name: Your call sign and name

Call Type: Select Private Call from the pull down menu

Call ID: The DMR User ID assigned to your call


Add your DMR contacts to this list so the radios caller ID will show your call signs.



Then save the file with your customizations and program your radio for use by clicking on Program > Write Data. Once it is done, your radio will be programmed and ready to use.